2022 Candidate Profile: Keven J. LeBlanc Jr. For Herndon Town Council

HERNDON, VA – Keven J. LeBlanc Jr. says he is passionate about the community of Herndon and making it a true home for all who live there. He is also on the ballot as a candidate for Herndon Town Council in the general election on 8 November.

LeBlanc is up against incumbents Cesar del Aguila, Naila Alam, Pradip Dhakal and Signe V. Friedrichs, and fellow challengers Clark A. Hedrick, Stevan M. Porter, Donielle M. Scherff and Roland B. Taylor for the six Herndon City Council seats .

Patch asked each of the candidates in the running for Herndon City Council to complete the following questionnaire.

Names, ages and any relevant details you wish to share.

Scott Mayhugh (spouse) – 57

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government? This includes any relatives who work in the government you are running for.



Duke University – BSE

Profession – Please indicate years of experience

15-year veteran Chief Operating Officer (COO), currently small business owner – advising other companies in the federal healthcare IT space, previously COO of a healthcare IT firm with a focus on federal contracting (22 years in federal contracting)

Previous or current elected or appointed office

Herndon Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Board (HDE&I); Herndon Rebranding Committee; Louisiana Board of Secondary & Elementary Education (BESE)

Why are you aspiring to elective office?I am passionate about the community and make it a true home for all who live here. I see it as an extension of my current community service, hosting events like the Holiday Homes Tour, WinterMarkt, supporting the Arts Council, serving on the Advisory Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, etc. I think national party politics is not ours City Council and therefore want to support my neighbors and the community as their voice on issues that matter here at home. I’m definitely bringing in my corporate leadership, which works in the federal government to help move the city forward while preserving our sense of community and history.The most pressing issue facing the City of Herndon is _______ and that’s what I intend to do about it.

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Actively listening and responding to the real wants and needs of the community (e.g. traffic calming and safety, intelligent infrastructure planning for inner city and subway development, small business development)

What are the key differences between you and the other candidates applying for this position?

I combine trusted corporate and community leadership, experience and understanding of how government works, a diverse background and the ability and persistence to make a difference. Real leadership happens when you’re truly present, and I’m here for Herndon.

If you are a challenger, how has the current board or incumbent failed the ward (or district or constituency)?

I appreciate existing council members volunteering their time and resources to serve our fellowship. They all care about Herndon in their own way and have done what they felt was best for their respective communities. However, this existing council was embroiled in personal politics, causing the council to lose its focus on listening to voters and doing what is best for our small community, sometimes bringing national politics to our local stage while others rarely attend meetings to to participate. Some are so focused on personal goals or their perception of what has always been that they don’t question how we can achieve what is best for everyone.

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Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform.

I live in the Locust St / Residential Spring St corridor with recent accidents and average traffic. I understand and am very concerned about traffic control and safety for everyone sharing the streets and sidewalks. I worry about smart infrastructure development ahead of big growth niches or new developments, and not repeatedly destroying the same area for projects that should have been sequenced. I believe that every person, regardless of where they live, what they do, their color, their creed, their orientation, their gender, their age, or their neurological diversity, should have a voice and be represented and engaged in community affairs. I would like to see changes to our Historic Preservation Review and Architecture Guidelines to make more sense for today’s homeowners, better housing and tax considerations. In closing, I want everyone, including city officials and council members, to be bound by objective and measurable standards that support progress in all matters within their jurisdiction.

What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence that you can handle this job?

I have always been a leader, from a young age through adulthood, and believe I embody the spirit of servant leadership and a focus on community engagement. I was promoted to management immediately out of college and within a few years moved into managerial positions after building and running several companies. My overall client focus has been on large national corporations in the federal government, primarily health and tax accountability, showing a high understanding of equity and engagement across government. Throughout all of this, I was also a community organizer, focusing on the underserved or marginalized to bring dignity and support where needed.

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The best advice I was ever given was:

I come from an immigrant family in southern Louisiana. My family and those around me have always told me, “God calls us to care for those around us, especially those most in need. Others might talk funny, listen to weird music, or eat things you don’t like (damn, most people in the world think that of us). but they still speak, hear and eat just like you. You must seek to understand and capture the essence, tolerance and spirit of their humanity in every act so that you care for the whole person while helping to uplift them you rise up and your community.”

What else would you like to tell voters about yourself and your positions?

Simply that I will always seek to understand data, hear your thoughts, and weigh all findings before supporting a city decision… and then I will personally roll up my sleeves and work with the city, the county, the state, and you to happen to hit it.


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